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Local SEO | Best of the Week

Best of the Week in Local SEO: 2/19-2/23

Part of being the best is learning from the best! I am always buried in facts, data and research that helps to stay abreast of this constantly evolving digital marketing ecosystem. Every week I’ll share some of what I consider the best of the best insider tips that truly highlight the best of the week in local SEO.

Google My Business

Did you know that selecting more than one category for your Google My Business account can make your listing/Knowledge Panel invisible during search? Bill Hartzer breaks it down for us.

Yikes! Google penalizes a Kentucky law firms for incentivizing reviews. They used family zoo passes in change for a comment on their listing, local SEO expert Joy Hawkins shares why this is method is a bad idea on Search Engine Land.


Need to add a restaurant menu to your Google My Business listing? Tim Capper shares how. He also posted a very detailed Schema and Structured Data Mark Up for restaurants that I highly recommend.

Restaurant Menu Featured Results in SERP
Image via Online Ownership


Chaz from Web 2.0 Ranker shares his extremely detailed 23 Point On Page Strategy Designed to Optimize Google Maps listing. This post shares the latest information and research on how to win with local SEO by having a solid high performing strategy in place! The article includes a PDF guide and 2 videos that walk you through each step (really enjoyed that no details were left out, thanks 🙂 )


Local SEO

I am in head over heels in love with:



Vendasta’s Complete SEO Audit Checklist for Your Clients in 44 Minutes and it too comes with a very well put together downloadable PDF checklist—can you say Godsend?!

If you need to go back to the drawing board and get your SEO keyword strategy right Dan Taylor shares just how to do that! Learn basic and advanced techniques for your next campaign.

Paid Ads

Is advertising on Yelp worth it? Joy Hawkins weighs in on the real ROI from Yelp Ads Search Engine Land. If to you are paying for Yelp ads my first question is why? But if so you definitely should read this.


As always Search Engine Watch shares great SEO tips and advice on my radar this week:

Pepsi does opt optimize their meta-description for search results
Image via Splash Copywriters

Voice and Video Search

Personal search is not the only thing on the rise, video and voice search have been doing well in their perspective lanes. Which video and video search trends do you think will become staples in 2018?


What articles did you find useful this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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