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Best of the Week in Local SEO: 2/26 – 3/2

Weekly round up of the best tips and strategies for small businesses looking to crush local SEO and digital marketing. Stay on top of leading industry trends and truly succeed at local SEO in your market. Learn from the best, test the strategies, win in your market, rinse, repeat.

Google My Business

Local U posted Video Deep Dive: Google Post Impact Study. Local SEO industry leaders Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling and Joe Headley talk in depth about the benefits of Google Posts. Headley noted seeing an increase in click-through-rate on Posts at PatientPop. Blumenthal shares a great situation to use Google Posts if you offer a service 24/7 but your actual office in only opened 9 am – 5 pm. Bowling shared her opinion on Google Posts:


“A gift from Google that we can use. And it’s easy enough to set it up and use it, that there’s really not too much of an excuse not to.”


I absolutely agree with Mary Bowling! Google Posts are a wonderful gift from Google that more marketers need to embrace. There are so many small business owners not taking advantage of this super easy to implement feature.

This week I wrote a detailed post explaining How to Outshine Your Competitors with Google Posts. Here I outline exactly what Posts are, where your customers can find them and highlight best practices. This is the first of many more to come. I absolutely loved this feature and looking forward to sharing more on why it is important not to ignore.

I also covered in depth the importance of Google My Business for small business owners. Small businesses can win BIG, Google My Business is truly leveling the playing field. The early adopters are will truly have a leg up on their competition―a FREE leg up at that.


Marketers that don’t have Google My Business in their local SEO strategy are missing a golden marketing opportunity. Learn how to get in front of more customers with ease, if you are not doing so already.

Local SEO

Ryan Stewart shares a truly “kick ass” local SEO case study on Webris. Stewart shares in amazing detail how his company increased organic traffic by 320% without creating content. This is my favorite article of the week, I grabbed a few nuggets from this post myself. The section that details connecting with local influencers was greatly appreciated (Thanks Ryan!). I often share with my clients the benefits of reaching out to local influencers (sometimes national and international too). It was nice to see this strategy execute to help quickly build brand awareness.

ATTENTION Small business owners: social media is here to stay embrace it and you will secure the bag!

The post also included their Citation Tracking Template with a link to download for yourself.

Google Sheets Template for Citation Tracking
WEBRIS Citation Tracking Template

Top Local SEO Hangouts

BrightLocal shares the Top Local SEO Forums and Communities. All of these communities are great for learning just about anything there is to know regarding local seo. They are also a great place to network with others in the industry. My favorites on the list are:

  • Google My Business Community – Love this community! I meet a lot of business owners here that help me to sharpen my craft by helping them with their solution. I also learn A LOT from the other contributors in the community. This is a phenomenal resource for anyone looking for help with Google My Business.
  • r/LocalSEO Subreddit on Reddit – This is a great place to share expert local SEO advice, get advice and tips from others. Often times when I answer a question, I get private messages business owners asking if I’ll work on local SEO. Sometimes there is legit opportunities for clients, while other times the person just wants to trade “something for something”. The latter is NOT what I participate in a forum for, I like to learn and help. If I get a client or a referral out he deal great! If not I still helped someone else or learn something beneficial.

The 411 on the Complicated Local Serps

Local SEO industry leaders David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal, Unpack the Increasing Complex Local SERPs. They covered the Advanced Verification and Local Service Ads. Learned a lot of key details about the LSA program, like there’s a flat fee for ads ranging from $12 – $25. They unpack the Local SERP screening process and include a very useful visual (check it out for yourself 😀 ).

LSA Insider highlights a study stating that websites are the most used channel when researching products.Why is this important? As the article states,


In today’s local market, online (websites, apps, listing sites, review sites, etc.) and offline (in-store experience, staff, etc.). Tactics are critical pre, during and post purchase.


Are you optimizing the entire customer experience online and offline?


Jeremy Knauff shared on Search Engine Journal, 15 Link Building Tactic to Supercharge Your SEO efforts. This list has some GOOD STUFF! I really liked #2 accept cryptocurrency. This is great way to build links and Jeremy suggests you’ll have to read the article to find out more!

Google announced rolling out multifaceted feature snippets. This new feature is able to recognize that there could be a number of different interpretation for the same query.

Multifaceted featured snippet
Multifaceted Featured Snippet


Have an ecommerce store? Pratik Dholakiya shares 5 SEO mistakes holding your ecommerce site back now. Great read! From my personal experience with ecommerce stores I wholeheartedly agree that duplicate content is a big one (HUGE!).

Egochi walks through on page SEO for a Beauty Store. Love to learn how others approach SEO!


Want to win with Google Adwords? Ryan Erskine shares on Forbes 6 surprising ways that you haven’t tried yet. Love poach your competitors clients (it’s not what you’re thinking). I see it being done buy the big guys all the time, small businesses should take heed. I was also glad to see negative keywords highlighted. Incorporating this into your strategy is vital because it saves a ton of money and time!

One that I would have added to the list is adding extensions because they truly help to optimize your listing. Most businesses are not doing this. If they do so they are not doing so correctly. Below is an example of an optimized Google Adwords listing with extensions and a few other key things. I’ll unpack this concept in a future post!

Anatomy of Optimized Google Ad - Local SEO Whisperer
Optimized Google Ad with Extensions


Voice Search

Backlinko released a detailed study about voice search seo. It was interesting to learn that  Schema may not play a role in voice search. The average voice search results page loads 52% faster than the average page (speed is essential!). Voice search results tend to be short and to the point. Lots of useful info in this study!


Did I miss anything! Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Have a successful week!



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