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Best of the Week in Local SEO: 3/12 – 3/16

Featuring the best local SEO tips and strategies from around the web! Each week I scour the internet for local SEO updates and the best actionable tips to win big in digital marketing for small business.


Google My Business


Is your Google My Business ‘sexy’ enough to attract customers?

Small business owners are not taking advantage of the full benefits of having a Google My Business (GMB) listing. This trend is so unfortunate because as I always say,


Any business that does not claim and actively manage their Google My Business listing is truly missing out on a golden marketing opportunity. ~ Ashley Neal, Local SEO Whisperer

On my pursuit to share how valuable the GMB platform is (with any business owner that will listen), I shared on Medium, 12 awesome ways to make a Google My Business listing ‘Sexy’.  These tips will attract more customers!

12 Ways to Make Google My Business Sexy



On March 9th, Google made another update to its uber complex algorithm. Google’s search liaison, Danny Sullivan confirmed that there was a “broad core algorithm update” on Twitter:


Local SEO expert Joy Hawkins unpacks what this latest update means for local businesses. She shares 4 key ways that the change has impacted  her clients in just 24 hours! If you have noticed significant gains or losses from this update this blog post highlights some of the possibilities.

Another Google update occurred this week. Search Engine Land reports, a heat map has been added to the Google My Business Insights section of the dashboard. With this new analytics feature, business owners can now see where consumers request directions to their business. This is pretty awesome because business owners can visually see where their customers are located and then market to that location accordingly.

Directions heat map on Google My Business

Google My Business Updates Insights with Heat Map

Local SEO

Unfortunately, there are not many updates specific to local SEO only this week. SE Ranker shares a very informative article on Search Engine Journal discussing the importance of thinking global, but optimizing for local search. I learned something new: KEI, which stands for Keyword Effectiveness Index. It simply means a way to find keywords that are most likely to attract users to your website.


Search Engine Watch asserts the need to understand both copywriting and SEO, now more than ever. All of the points listed in the article are vital for success, but I think the key takeaway is: write for people.

For all those that think SEO is dead, think again…

SEO is alive and well! Search Engine Journal shared that SEO will always be evolving with key details regarding how to adapt. The article highlights many of the threats SEO professionals face such as the variety of new SERP features and voice search on the rise. It wraps on the ‘bright side’ with some of the best opportunities for SEO’s to take advantage of, such as multifaceted featured snippets.

Want to learn about SEO? Gotta learn from the best! Search Engine Journal was kind enough to list the 25 of the BEST blogs to learn SEO. Very useful resources on this list! I read 18 of them faithfully!


Google announced that message reporting (insights) will be available for click-to-message ads. Advertisers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Brazil and Australia will be able to see: chat rate, chat start time and messages.

Click-to-Message Ad example
Click-to-Message Ad


Search Engine Journal details how to use a phrase match modifier (PMM) correctly. Ian Sherk shares that PMM has the ability to acquire the semantic control of Phrase Match, while maintaining the flexibility and reach of Broad Match Modifier (BMM). Great read if your using Adwords!


What did you learn this week in local SEO, SEO, PPC Ads or digital marketing? Let me know in the comments below!


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