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Best of the Week in Local SEO: 3/5 – 3/9

Weekly review of the best local SEO tips and strategies for small business owners. Stay ‘in the know’ of industry leading trends to succeed in marketing your business successfully online.


Google My Business

Last week I detailed how helped a painter in London to literally optimize and dominate Google’s Local 3 Pack overnight! He went from invisible on the SERP to number one. I also share how to add a service business address to the Google My Business listing. This only works if there is a legit staff member available at the location during normal business hours.

Painter in UK Dominates Local 3 Pack Overnight - Local SEO Whisperer
Painter in UK Dominates Local 3 Pack Overnight

Digital Logic compiled a very useful resource highlighting 11 important Google My Business changes that every small business owner should know.  Most of the changes include an image, link to the original source and an actionable tip. They left off Google’s Small Business Thanks. This is a new(er) feature many small business owners are unaware of, but should not be 🙂 .

Local SEO

In honor of International Women’s Day, Google empowers women around the world with women-led business icon.

Bright Local shared How to Chose a Local SEO Agency or Consultant. It is a great resource because it is so specific to local.

Smart Insights teaches How to Optimize Your Local Business Website for Voice Search.

Google indirectly rolls out visual search, Google Lens comes to Android. This will be interesting to see how Google Lens will affect local. Any predictions?


This week I found myself swimming in a boat load of valuable SEO tips and strategies. Since there are so many, I’ll spare you a summary on each and everyone (Your welcome! 😀 ) Instead I’ll list them below:


Facebook Ads

Social Media Today shares 5 of the Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. All five of these are great and should be corrected ASAP if found in violation. Avoid the pitfalls with this advice.


Hiring a PPC ‘expert’? Be sure to ask them these 30 brilliant questions before hiring. If you are currently a PPC expert use Search Engine Land’s questions to compare how your skill set matches up. If you find an area that your not familiar with brush up on those skills so that you can provide the most value to your customers.

Search Engine Journal shares 3 Ways Your Cannibalizing Your Traffic and Budget and How to Stop. These are all great tips, Keyword Overlapping is my favorite one on this list. So many marketers run campaigns with out using negative keywords, this can really waste a ton of money.

Learn how to use Google Adwords to promote Youtube videos on Social Media Examiner. You can use Adwords video ads to promote Youtube videos to your niche specific audience. Ads will be featured based on placements, life events, relationships with other apps and websites, location and keywords.

Phil Rozek shares an important detail regarding Adwords location extensions and Google My Business information.

What local SEO articles did you find useful this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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