Local SEO Whisperer

I am a local SEO expert on the cusp of being a millennial (or perhaps I am one, the definitive age is unclear and I am right on the border). So the Internet has been a part of my life since the early days of AOL signing, everyone in America up for dial-up online services with a CD-ROM direct mailer!


I attended Clark Atlanta University (what now seems like eons ago!) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

The Struggle

I graduated at the height of the recession and found myself scrambling to get almost any job that looked or sounded good (hey I was 22 with a boat load of school loans!).

I finally landed a few jobs that had absolutely nothing to do with my (pricey) degree paralegal (Wow! A law firm Mom was proud 🙂 , I was downright miserable 🙁 sighs—), office manager, event planner (intense, but fun!), debt counselor (really loved this job, but it was just that a J.O.B.—Just.Over.Broke).

After a few solid years of being all over the place (or perhaps I was just finding my way), I went BACK to the drawing board realizing I had been so far removed from my dreams of entrepreneurship and helping small business owners grow.

Freelance Writer Turned Digital Marketer

I became a freelance writer and started writing professionally for business columns, digital and print publications, small business resource blogs, small/medium businesses, digital agencies and more. This experience lead to several Editor, Content Strategist and Social Media Management positions. I also learned A LOT about both local and organic SEO, molding and shaping my status as a local SEO expert. Heck I been telling small businesses how to beat their competitors with local seo since 2012at least!

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

I decided to update my knowledge and got certified as a digital marketer in the following areas:

  • Search Marketing (SEO)
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Conversion Funnel Mastery
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Social and Community Manager
Local SEO Expert + Google My Business Pro

With my old and new knowledge and experience I have decided to focus on helping small businesses win big with local SEO paired with digital marketing as a whole. Statistically small business owners are struggling with adapting to the new digital landscape. They often STILL have trouble deciphering what is beneficial to their bottom line and what is not and need assistance from a knowledgeable local SEO expert.


“When it comes to local SEO and digital marketing I eat, sleep, breathe and sweat this stuff through my pores.” ~Ashley Neal


I am also a Google My Business Expert. I help businesses to optimize their local listing with the best features for the Local 3 Pack. This means better and higher traffic conversions or more customers. So many small business owners opt to ignore digital marketing because of:

(1) fear

(2) lack of knowledge

(3) not familiar with how important it is, or

(4) think it is too challenging/time consuming to pursue.

The truth is with the right guidance from a qualified local SEO expert a small business can blow their competition (big or small) completely out the water with a thorough digital marketing plan with a strong local strategy.

Why Google?

The true question is why not Google? Google is where all the traffic is, so that means it’s where your customers are. Meet them there and stay top of mind with relevant and engaging content.

For starters check out these noteworthy stats:

  • Google drives over 96% of mobile traffic {NetMarketShare}
  • 72% of consumers that search for local information on a smartphone visit a store within 5 miles. {Google}
  • 86% of consumers lookup the location of a business on Google Maps. {Go Globe} …So if your Google My Business Listing is not claimed, verified and optimized this could be the death of a new customer!
  • 69% of consumers shown the completed and verified Google My Business listings agreed that the business was ‘reputable’, compared with 36% agreement from those shown the unverified listings of the same business. {Google/Oxera}


Real Estate Agents let’s network on Active Rain! I share local SEO and GMB tips and strategies their too!


The Other Stuff

I am the mom of 4 beautiful, smart and annoying 🙂 kids; one girl and three boys.  Their father and I are happily building our empire one day at a time.

I love coffee, smoothies, the color pink, Dubai, shrimp scampi, personal finance, C.S. Lewis books, ocean-views, meeting entrepreneurs (we are so inspirational), learning  new sh– , medium caramel frappe from McDonald’s (I am not a fan of McDonald’s high calorie food but this is BEST coffee dessert in a cup, probably ever!) and coloring adult coloring books.

I started this blog to share the best local SEO tips, advice, resources and strategies for small business owners, from a local SEO expert. Have a question about local SEO or Google My Business? Forward it to me I’d love to help you and your small business out. Contact me here.